Bits of Wisdom…

Someone wise can make a mystery of anything.
Learn the virtues of silence, the prudence of
Balance, the good sense hidden in simplicity.
Dreams are important.  Grace is never earned.

Always be aware of the shadow that resides
Between your ears.  Bear in mind what’s
Remembered in marble is myth.  Love
Is never free of pain, without it, it is not love.

Live your life so that the best company
You keep can be with yourself.
No one can make you happy.  Nothing lasts.
Ugliness and beauty exist only within the mind.

Everyone is a fool on occasion, saints
More than most.  Even the best of lovers and
Friends are only human.  We all make mistakes
Which is why forgiveness is essential.

Broken hearts always break open.
Healing begins from the inside.
Ignorance is not the same as stupidity.
Questions are important, but don’t give meaning.

Nothing of lasting importance can be accomplished
In one lifetime, which is why we hope.
Do not look to death for gain.
Fear not, all will be well.  Rest in peace.


One thought on “Bits of Wisdom…

  1. I enjoyed this poem more than all I’ve seen here before.

    It stands on its own as a truly original work of poetic art.

    Thanks for posting!

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