Needing Time to Reflect

 Moon ReflectingTonight, I am the Moon
Forever held within another’s arms,
Slowly spinning, perfectly, so that
My dark side is never seen.

When I slowly rise in the east
Whole world runs to see me.
Look up, as I look down to touch your heart,
Gaze into desperate eyes praying for love.

Never do I speak, not even a whisper,
Though many do think they see me smile
As my light shines down through clouds.
To some, I appear forlorn and alone
Though I have thousands of stars for my friends.

Slowly I walk… traverse the night sky
Waiting for great God of Light to appear…
He who is bringer of morn.
When He comes in the dusk and the dawn—
For a moment we almost are One.
Then quietly I fade to the west—
Even I need my time to reflect.

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One Response to Needing Time to Reflect

  1. chengboiser says:

    Nice post, looks like I’m not the only one sentimental with the Moon and Sun’s love affair.
    My take,
    “But alas! its not to come
    for he has to come down
    the world will shift and his light will go
    leaving her alone in the heavens
    waiting again till the dusk and dawn

    Where his light and her light
    would finally be together,
    ’tis the sun and moon,

    in a as One.”

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